Friday, December 20, 2013

i imagine dragons.

I don't care if their name is an anagram...that is one very cool anagram...

Anyway, this is my favorite band. It might be a "right now" thing or a "forever" kind of thing, but the Imagine Dragons have stolen my heart. There's the lead singer Dan Reynolds, Wing Sermon the guitarist to Ben McKee the bassist and Daniel Platzman, the drummer. Their lyrics are profound, some just plain fun and they appear to be very intelligent.

Their most popular songs are Radioactive (this was a smash hit. Watch the video below to see why), On Top of The World and It's Time. However, they have Amsterdam, Fallen and of course, the required "soundtrack song", Ready Aim Fire for Iron Man 3. I love this band. I adore this band. Their music makes me want to roll in flowers and hum and eat Nutella (I would do that anyway).

Also, they do that very awesome thing that really good people know how to do best i.e. give a 16 year old boy the best surprise ever. In 2011, they met Tyler Robinson (a huge fan of theirs who I respect a lot. Check out his story to see why) who was battling cancer and they dedicated a song to him, made friends and when he died, gave him honorable mention at a concert of theirs (also watch this below). They also set up the Tyler Robinson Foundation (fights childhood cancer) along with his family (you can contribute to the foundation by going to the website and donating. Click here).

So all in all, the Imagine Dragons are pretty cool. The videos should buttress my point. Haha...buttress...






That should do it.


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