Friday, December 27, 2013

new year buzz

2014. Not as hyped as 2012 and not as historically significant as 2010 but a New Year is exciting either way.

We have the ball drop in New York City in Times Square, people getting drunk and acting stupid (I think that applies to every other day of the year though), Auld Lang Syne, countdowns, kissing at midnight, resolutions. It's all very magical and spectacular. There's something amazing about feeling like you have the chance to start over or change yourself. Be New.

2014 is especially significant to here I come! New people, new home, leaving the nest...basic rites of passage. I won't be driving (legal driving age in Nigeria is 18 and I'm 16) but I'm still basically on my own. I love the idea (even though I am freaked out of my mind) of being on my own. Notice how much I love saying it- on my own.

So, the New Year is pretty special to me. I don;t get to see the ball drop (yet. New York is the dream..) and I'm not making any resolutions because I know I won't keep them but it' still pretty special.

Be New. Try to change your life. Try new things. Don't take crap from anyone.

Happy New Year.

And in the tradition of the ages, here is my special gift to you...

This is one of my favorite versions.

RIP Cory Monteith, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker and all the other amazing people that were lost this year famous or not. You will be sorely missed (unless you were a baddie. Then you won't be missed. Dead people can't read...)


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