Friday, December 20, 2013

what do i know?

I'm hardly what you'd call intelligent and I don't know many things. My main good grades are in English (top of the class) but aside from that, I'm a B-rater. I spend more time dreaming up stories and reading them than actually studying. In fact, i could sit in front of my school books for a whole hour without actually reading anything. All my distractions belong in my head and they do their job very well.

However, I do know certain things. I know that John Green and the Imagine Dragons, while very different in terms of career choices are geniuses with words in their own rights. I know that Anna Wintour is in one word, amazing and I know that one day, I will own my own magazine and publishing company. I know that The Fault In Our Stars is one of the greatest books alive. I know that the fashion world is a magical, magical place of beauty and dreams and love and life and I know that I belong there now. I know that music is unimaginably wonderful. I know that my words do not even come close to being amazing, but I do hope they make an impact. Someday. I know that there is God.

These are the things I know.

These are the things I will show you.


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