Thursday, January 2, 2014

lorde/tavi: match made in my head...and now online

This is all my dreams come together.

They have finally collided in a interview of pure, unabashed amazingness (that's not a word) and I love it. I really really love it. Ella Yelich-O'Connor (better known as Lorde) was interviewed by Tavi Gevinson (of the Rookie Magazine fame) for Rookie Magazine.


Tavi G.

Read the interview here.

I love this...seriously.

This is intelligence overload people...


P.S. The Teddy Bear is a dork. If he should ever see this, he should know that I'm being veeeery serious. Very. 20 minutes on the phone and you can only tease me? Shame...

I still love you T bear. Don't worry.

Credit for photos go to Google and RookieMag.

super cool tumblrs: episode #1

Okay, we've got #whatshouldwecallme which is hilarious and true in that annoying "someone else tweeted this and it's're reading my mind dude!" way. It's got all these crazy-cool gifs that you can totally relate to.

Also, we have Hayley Williams' self-titled life which is super cool and super awesome and I just love Hayley Williams so much...

Then, we've got John Green (best author ever)'s Tumblr which has information about what's going on in his life which is enough for me. It's called fishingboatproceeds and you'll just have to click on the link to find out why he named his Tumblr fishingboatproceeds. He's so cool...

Then Lorde's tumblr. Lorde is cool. Period. It would take ages to describe the level of her coolness so...

I also discovered the tomboy loveliness (?) that is Cara Delevingne who is veritably crazy. That's one word amongst many that you could possibly use to describe her. But you can't help but love her... You also have dreamy pictures at your fingertips. So....

These are my favorites but below is a list of the ones I think are awesome.

6. Twitter: The Comic: Based on ridiculous things people tweet.
7. How Do I Put This Gently: GIFs for real life situations.
8. Oh-So-Coco: Coco Rocha's blog. Fashion insider at your fingertips-ish. J'adore. She is also of my favorite models ever (next to the aforementioned Crazy Cara) so...

This is what I have for now. I'm also tired out of my mind but I can't sleep because I'm a night owl! Or so I'm trying to prove to the Teddy Bear. I hate wanting to prove things to the Teddy Bear.


pop danthology 2013

This is pure pop perfection. I am not the biggest fan of pop. Not unless it has punk beside it. But I love this. This is amazing. This is wonderful. This is Daniel Kim.

This is Pop Danthology 2013.



i'm cutting my hair

No, I do not have cancer. That seems to be the standard question now...

I am changing the way I look. I've never really liked the way I look, so I couldn't possibly hate the way I look more. Right?

Anyway, I'm doing it. This might be one of those stupid teenage girl things, but I need something new in my life. There's this blog, and I got to reconnect with the Teddy Bear (this is not his real name) who went to college this summer and totally broke my heart because he's a few months older than me and so got to graduate earlier but he is my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, so this Christmas wasn't all that bad.

However, I'm going back to school and I need to shock everyone a bit. I'm tired of being me. I want to be someone else for a while. Someone else with really short hair, but someone else nonetheless. I'll put up pictures and stuff.

My only real fear is that even as un-pretty as I am now, I'll look worse. But that's not a very valid fear.

I'm going to cut my hair and that's that.

Wish me luck!


P.S.: This is one of the few last times that I'm going to blog for a while because I'm a SENIOR and I have EXAMS, so I have to be super serious now and get my ass of the Internet. I am also a boarder at school now (means I basically sleep there), so access to Internet is mostly nil. I apologize to my new readers in advance.

P.P.S: I'll be "unavailable" for the next 4 months (ouch) but if I'm going to get into the university that I want to go to (Pan-Atlantic University which is in Nigeria in Lekki and there's a beach not far from it and OMG! I love that place...) I have to WORK HARD.

Good luck to all my fellow seniors this year. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

year of The Cara

save rock and roll

Fall Out Boy came back last year and they definitely CAME BACK. With a top notch rock songs and feature artistes (Big Sean, Courtney Love, Foxes, and ELTON JOHN!), they definitely brought back my love of rock and roll (okay, more like intensified my love of rock and roll).

Their album Save Rock and Roll is stunning. The first track released from it was My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) and it has been featured in many, many movies and ads and TV shows (I think). The one I'm most conversant with is it's feature in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Now each music video from the album has a story (only 3 are left to be released) and I suggest you start watching from the aforementioned song. The songs are hard-hitting, but they went for a pop angle on this one. I'm sure old fans (and new) will love it.

Here are the videos that have been released so far (not in order of track listing but in order of video releases). Warning: Not for the faint-hearted.

1. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) (Part 1 of 11):

2. The Phoenix (Part 2 of 11):

3. Young Volcanoes (Part 3 of 11):

4.  Alone Together (Part 4 of 11):

5. The Mighty Fall ft. Big Sean (Part 5 of 11):

6. Just One Yesterday ft. Foxes (Part 6 of 11):

7. Where Did The Party Go (Part 7 of 11):

8. Death Valley (Part 8 of 11):

9. Rat A Tat ft. Courtney Love

10. Miss Missing You (Part 10 of 11):

11. Save Rock and Roll ft. Elton John (Part 11 of 11) (this is the video I really canNOT wait to see...):

I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I did.

Visit the Fall Out Boy website here. Encourage and whatnot.


cara's vogue covers #2013

my top 13 major songs of 2013

2013 was a great year for music. Lorde came on the scene with Royals, Imagine Dragons really took the stage, Beyonce totally surprised the world with her self-title video album which is supposed to be super sick, the Jonas Brothers broke up, Katy Perry GREW UP!!!, Miley Cyrus...

There was a great increase in lyrical genius as well... when you feel my fear/look into my eyes/it's where my demons hide; there is no fear now/let go and just begin/ i will love you unconditionally; we'll never be royals, it don't run in our blood/ that kinda luxe just ain't for us/ we crave a different kind of WOW moments. There was also a decline in mindless pop music (with the exception of Pitbull and Ke$ha's Timber which is a surprisingly cool song even if it IS mindless) and an increase in the demand for alternative/indie music. It shows that there is indeed hope for humanity.

So, here (in no particular order except Demons which is definitely my number one) is a video playlist of my favorite songs of the year. Enjoy!














it's the first day of the year

The time to break hastily made New Year's Resolutions has come (*slaps forehead in frustration*). Why can't people keep them for once...

The hoo-ha about the New Year has come and now it's slowly fading away and everyone is returning to normal (except for all those poor hung over people...). It's a New Year for everyone and everything. There is so much potential for change this year. I hope we all take advantage of it.

This (for me) has been one of the suckiest "first day of the year"'s I have ever experienced. But there are still 364 more to go right?

This year, I will do major exams, finally graduate from the horror that is high school, go abroad for a well needed break, meet my new cousin for the first time, go to university (*screams in excitement and trepidation*), and begin a whole new chapter. This year also, new fashion trends will come up, new musicians we will adore, new technology that will confuse us for like 2 hours (3 if we don't use the manual..we are so technologically awesome) and new burnouts that will have us laugh-wondering. I plan on dressing better...jeans and sneakers aren't going to cut in anymore (WHY?!) and I have to change. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. We still have a while to go before all this happens...

So this year is going to be awesome hopefully. I hope it's awesome for all of you too. Happy New Year readers of this newly drafted blog. I hope we have a good year together.

For all random intents and purposes, enjoy this GIF of Batman and Robin. #coolduos

happy new year!

happy new year!

Black coat

Blue jeans

Ankle boots

Bowtie necklace
$41 -

Unicorn beanie hat

NYX mascara