Wednesday, January 1, 2014

it's the first day of the year

The time to break hastily made New Year's Resolutions has come (*slaps forehead in frustration*). Why can't people keep them for once...

The hoo-ha about the New Year has come and now it's slowly fading away and everyone is returning to normal (except for all those poor hung over people...). It's a New Year for everyone and everything. There is so much potential for change this year. I hope we all take advantage of it.

This (for me) has been one of the suckiest "first day of the year"'s I have ever experienced. But there are still 364 more to go right?

This year, I will do major exams, finally graduate from the horror that is high school, go abroad for a well needed break, meet my new cousin for the first time, go to university (*screams in excitement and trepidation*), and begin a whole new chapter. This year also, new fashion trends will come up, new musicians we will adore, new technology that will confuse us for like 2 hours (3 if we don't use the manual..we are so technologically awesome) and new burnouts that will have us laugh-wondering. I plan on dressing better...jeans and sneakers aren't going to cut in anymore (WHY?!) and I have to change. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. We still have a while to go before all this happens...

So this year is going to be awesome hopefully. I hope it's awesome for all of you too. Happy New Year readers of this newly drafted blog. I hope we have a good year together.

For all random intents and purposes, enjoy this GIF of Batman and Robin. #coolduos

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